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Hey! My name is Koen, the two hands behind Atelier Fonteyne. I always thaught that I'd be a professional guitar player when I'd grow up, but after having a taste of that lifestyle I knew it wasn't for me. After a lot of thinking I decided to change everything.

I didn't want to give up on guitars so I decided that I would start making them instead of playing them. I got the opportunity to study at the CMB in Puurs. For 4 years i was schooled by Belgiums finest guitarbuilders.

During my studies I worked part-time for Joris Potvlieghe, a church-organ and Clavichord builder. That enabled me to save up for my own workshop. Thanks to this job I learned a lot about traditional woodworking and building other instruments.

My love for creativity and wood translates itself in the building of unique instruments..

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